A night in the photo pit with Matt Warrell

Build an amazing photography portfolio.

Fast track your photography career with these exclusive opportunities of one-on-one coaching by Matt Warrell. Photograph bands alongside Matt Warrell in the photo pit so you can create a strong portfolio of your own.

Check out Matt’s concert photography portfolio for an idea of what you can create!

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About the course

A Night In The Photo Pit is a photography course that helps beginner photographers build a music photography portfolio they can use to showcase their work to music publications.

How it works.

You’ll be guided through three easy stages to create your music photography portfolio.

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All the help you need.

From the first step of learning camera settings to the last step of shortlisting the photos for your portfolio, you’re covered.

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01. Shoot bigger bands, quicker

Are you finding yourself being promised access to shoot bigger bands if you shoot hundreds of smaller acts? Matt Warrell’s concert photography course includes a photo pass, regardless of how many bands you have photographed. Whether this is your first time or hundredth time photographing a concert, this fast-tracked access will supercharge your rate of learning.

02. One-on-one mentoring

Get one-on-one mentoring at a real concert. Before each band plays, you’ll get five to ten minutes with Matt to speak about what worked and didn’t work during the previous band and ask any questions for advice on how to make the most of the first three songs in the photo pit.

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03. Feedback

After the concert and you have edited your photos, send your best ten through to Matt for some constructive feedback. Matt will draw on your photos to outline areas that are strong and could benefit from improvement, alongside a detailed paragraph for each photo.

04. New dates regularly added

There are new dates added all the time. Stay up to date by following Matt on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or checking back in on Photography Tips For A Beginner’s course page.

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 Bands I’m working with

The Bennies
Dune Rats

Book a course

If you’re ready to supercharge your concert photography or take advantage of a exclusive one-to-one mentoring opportunity with Matt Warrell, take a look at the courses currently on offer.

What’s included

All course dates include access to the quickstart guide, your photography pass, which will grant you entry to the concert and allow you to photograph the first three songs of each band, and feedback on 10 photos of your choosing.

Got a question?

Hit me up! We can talk through any questions you have. Or take a read of the frequently asked questions below.

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Includes photo pit pass
Recieve feedback[/stack_pricing_table]

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be over 18?

Unfortunately, yes. I would love to have photographers of all ages taking these opportunities, but because shows take place in venues with alcohol available, they restrict access to under 18s.

How do I get the photo pass?

You’ll pick the photo pass up at the door when you show your photo ID. The photo pass is only valid for the person on the photo ID and is not transferrable.

Is it the only way to photograph a band?

Of course not. These courses are an opportunity to help you create a music photography portfolio that will catch the eye of publication editors. There’ll be other photographers there that already contribute to publications, but only one photographer will be there as part of this photography course.

Does it include backstage access?

No. This course is about becoming a better live music photographer. The photo pass is the same photo pass other photographers have who are shooting for a publication.

Who owns the copyright of the images I take?

You do, of course! You as the photographer own the rights to your work. If you choose to share it with the artist, you are more than welcome to.

What are the rules?

The same rules other photographers operate by will apply to you – nothing extra. The rules that apply are outlined in the quickstart guide you will be provided, but these are common sense. Actions such as pushing others, carelessly obstructing audience views or climbing on stage will not be tolerated. Matt Warrell, the band, the venue or the promoter reserve the right to void a photo pass for any reason (e.g. the stuff just mentioned).

See what’s available.

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