iPhone photography tips course

Mobile photography is becoming more important with most social media networks prioritising rich media content like photo and video. You probably have a camera in your pocket right now and so have everything you need to be a photographer in today’s age.

iPhone photography is advancing as each phone is released, and with competition in the market fierce, there’s an endless amount of mobile photography options available. Which phone you choose is up to you, but how you can distinguish yourself from the crowd on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is a little more clear.

My Twitter followers have asked me a few times to cover mobile photography, specifically iPhone photography, and how they can take better photos with their phone. I’ve created this mobile photography course to help with that.

For $15 you can take my iPhone Photography Made Easy course and watch 55 minutes of video content and demonstrations, learn how to get razor sharp images every time and use lighting more effectively.

If you have an iPhone or a mobile phone of any kind and want to know how to take photographs with it that will impress your followers, take a look at the course and sign up!

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